PIPELINE Decisive Action required–NOW !

B.C. now handles much of Canada’s resources export trade…and Alberta’s bitumen export needs must be dealt with—smartly!
Canada’s well-being is a directly related to  our resources . It’s time for decisive action !
Is Jim Prentice the ‘GO TO  ‘ person ? Mr. Prentice ‘expects to have  a good working relationship with Premier Christy Clark’.. who just appointed Mr. Shawn Atleo (former Chief of the Assembly of First Nations) to work with  First Nations on bitumen transport issues..
Has the ‘table’ been set  ?  In ‘the Canadian public Interest’,Mr. Harper must now invite these potential ‘partners’ to bring an end to this BC pipelines mess.Surely with this motivated,knowledgeable ,well positioned  team—a simpler,more risk-free export plan could be developed to deliver much of Alberta’ bitumen to world markets—through the preferred West Coast port.
A trans-BC  pipeline location presents   many challenges..but  any experienced  pipeline design organization would welcome the opportunity to put together an independent  project plan for public review……but,where others have failed, must remember  to satisfactorily address public concerns about bitumen spills  in  environmentally sensitive locations !
Mr. Harper should be ‘most joyed’ for the timely ‘availability  ’ of these leaders ?
Carl Shalansky,(P.Eng.,retired)