Our PM  has elevated the status of his scientists…but ,thus far, he fails to let them  counsel his government when  making vital, scientifically supported ,decisions about tanker shipments on the BC coast ?? Some of PM Trudeau’s earl decisions

could be ‘better formulated’ with the counsel of his scientists and senior advisors…First ,re-think the tanker ban on the  BC north coast… What is the marine industry and ‘Uncle  Sam’  likely to wonder …. First, let your scientists  produce a study of marine risks on the BC coast …AND then decide where BEST (at least risk)to permit dilbit tankers……before it’s too late !

There is a simple ,doable ,idea to get Alberta bitumen to market—with relatively minimum risk,…Build ONE PIPELINE from Alberta to Port Simpson…and let them transfer whatever volume of dilbit that Alberta can supply…and forget about the extra tanker sailings in out busy, environmentally sensitive, multi-billion dollar revenue generating waters…such as the busy Salish Sea …. the Douglas Channel …AND the Great Bear rainforest areas !!