The PM  told media that a rewrite of NEB rules. would  include Trans Mountain Expansion (TMX) pipeline. . See Omnibus BILL C-69,that  addresses nicely the deficiencies of the NEB/TMX….for instance, seeking outside expert assistance….


TMX  submits that ….”there are no impacts….that cannot be mitigated ”  !   So be happy, BC…       We worry, nonetheless .


 BC Senator Neufeld,  comments in the media.  “ … leadership is needed ..  He(the P:M) must stand up … for Canadians.” Surely the Senator ….saw the Senate Pipeline Study which suggested that government “…restore legitimacy to the pipeline approval process.

Senator, please help to solve this problem and apply some  ‘sobre second thought ‘ to this new, but late, innovative government Omnibus  Bill C-69.

Can  the Senate  delay approval of TMX until it’s upgraded  with Omnibus Bill C-69 necessary features ?Alternatively courts are likely to be involved…could you request that they consider the Bill 69 features before deciding ?

Pipelines and tankers are here for a long while…so let’s gain community support …and get on with a new, less risky, export plan  !





… I suppose National Observer would print the ‘other side’  to the above “fatal flaw” article…maybe PM Trudeau could pen something for us?


What  about Canada’s major banks. At least one bank  is a major investor  for the Trans Mountain Expansion (TMX) pipeline.  There is much being said about the ‘community dislike ’ of the TMX and leads me wondering if the banks did their due diligence before committing  investors holdings to that community disliked export plan ? There were no independent risk assessments called for to assist the NEB when evaluating  this project ,as proposed ? To no one’s surprise the TMX project, preferred by the wannabe Prime Minister, and  was eventually approved. Like the major banks, our Prime Minister shows no supporting science for his  ‘preference’ !




Stop importing  BC wine (and maybe  beer?)…now  Jason  Kenny wants to stop flow of oil/refined products….leaving  BC looking at possibility  $2 gasoline prices …

Or , let BC stop handling Alberta exports AND imports ….!!!

What to do…

…welcome back Mr. Prime Minister….time for you to stop the silliness…and  fix this pipeline/tanker export plan….    that you  created !


….. roll up  sleeves Mr. PM and start mediating(you offered to do this) and maybe  rebuild the party ‘popularity’ standing !


…. don’t forget our Washington State neighbours.…?


…9,000 people …..signed up for a march this Saturday morning in Vancouver, Canada.

… an (EPA funded ) oil spill risk assessment by George Washington University in 2016.  focused on …. expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline…

(predicted) an increased oil spill risk of 68 percent throughout Northern Puget Sound ….

…the study predicted a risk increase of 375 percent….in  prime feeding grounds for endangered killer whales.

Is Canada ready for oil spills? ,(Senator Maria Cantwell (D-Washington ) answer: “No.”


Recall that Justin Trudeau announced his ’preference’ for the TMX before becoming the BOSS ! Not surprisingly the MEDIA,TMX,the Cabinet,the NEB remembered the   BOSS’ preference.

Wiser heads COULD  yet prevail…The new OMNIBUS bill requires the PROJECT REVIEW process…. no longer depend entirely on scientific data supplied by project proponents…. Ottawa will pay to bring in external scientific experts when needed…. !

Yes, that time is NOW…do bring in  scientists (in the public interest) and LET THEM  show the BC public the location of the least risky tanker routes along the BC coast !

Our  Minister of Science…  told us  that …“We need to be basing our decisions and policies on facts…..and on SCIENCE ! Or, did your Minister misspeak ?


From: Michael Priaro []
Sent: December 17, 2017 10:52 AM
To: ‘’


The Hon. David Eby, Q.C.,

Attorney General, B.C.

MLA, Vancouver – Point Grey





Dear Mr. Eby,


On January 10, 2017 the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office (BC EAO) issued an environmental assessment certificate for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

The certificate is subject to 37 conditions in areas of provincial jurisdiction. This certificate is in addition to the federal NEB’s 157 conditions. The 37 conditions respond to concerns raised by communities and Aboriginal groups during consultation and to key areas of provincial interest and jurisdiction.

A new B.C. government was elected on May 27, 2017. It has a responsibility to the citizens who elected it and to the all the citizens of British Columbia to:

  1.       Review the background and qualifications of the B.C. Environmental Assessment Office to determine if there was potential bias and to make new appointments and changes as necessary in order to conduct an objective Environmental Assessment in the best interests of the residents, the environment, the ecology, and the economy of the Lower Mainland and Islands.
  2.      Review whether existing conditions accepting submission of certain reports after construction starts make sense or if those reports must be submitted before construction starts.
  3.      Conduct a full maritime risk assessment that includes: a), a proper risk analysis of tanker collision with bridges and other harbour and coastal infrastructure; b), a proper risk analysis of ship-to-ship collisions; c),  a proper analysis of the risks of, and damages from, an oil spill; d), analysis of the operational capability in response to an oil spill; e), the environmental, social, and operational clean-up costs of an oil spill; f), the adequacy of international, domestic, and private insurance funds to cover the potential clean-up costs and damages from any oil spill.
  4.      Evaluate whether there is a significantly better alternative (there is) for oil pipeline access to west coast tide-water.

No construction ought to be permitted to start or to continue on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion until all of the above responsibilities are discharged to the satisfaction of the people and government of B.C.


Mike Priaro, P.Eng.


919 Canaveral Cres SW

Calgary AB T2W 1N3




Almost everything…

  1. The shipping terminal (Burnaby) too risky… better locations apparent.
  2. Our  Prime Minister preferred TMEP…without ever  seeking  an independent risk assessment…unforgiveable !
  3. The proposed  tanker routes never  ‘permitted by any southern BC communities’
  4. There is no proven ,’world class’, method to clean up that inevitable diluted bitumen(dilbit) tanker spill.
  5. Any spill containment, recovery will be only partially successful
  6. The NEB hearing process was too restricted and minimized open public debate ,or questioning of proponent’s experts
  7. The Prime Minister’s own counsel ….”governments issue permits, but ONLY communities give permission”…was ignored !
  8. BC established ,multibillion dollar annual, job creating ,environmentally related visitor industries ,could  be damaged , needlessly.
  9. The Prime Minister offered to ‘mediate’ the pipeline issue in BC…maybe he should stay home for a while and get on with mediating ..10.
  10. .An independent expert risk assessment could be directed by the new Chief Science Officer… so  do that —before it’s too late !

Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)


(604) 986-4657



Thank you Erik Heinrich and MACLEANS…finally someone has gathered all the pertinent issues and clearly stated the Prime Minister’s chosen   ill-conceived diluted bitumen(dilbit) export scheme. Thank you, thank you !The Kinder Morgan export scheme (Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline,(TMEP) plan was never subjected to an independent expert risk assessment study comparison, strangely. The southern BC residents have put up a good fight so far…but as ‘father Pierre’ once said….when asked what he planned to do…he said ‘just watch me’ !

The simple truth is that there are many thousands of miles of existing pipelines which function reasonably well…there are likely at least 3 pipelines/conduits  in your street, each capable of causing considerable damage if they are damaged…for whatever reason….and we do not lie awake worrying about such a damaging event…And ‘no’, there is no plan to shut down any pipeline because one pipe might be damaged ,somewhere, sometime… Unless we allow our politicians to be sold a goofy pipeline scheme such the Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline (TMEP)scheme, as designed by the Kinder Morgan  bean counters.

Yes Justin Trudeau and Christy Clark were playing a pipelines game, always with the next election in mind .Christy Clark lost, Stephen Harper was hurt by his stubborn palling up with the oil patch, Justin is playing chicken as he gambles that the Eastern vote will save his government as he chose to sacrifice a few western seats for the several dozens of seats in the East metropolises ! The Energy East pipeline should have been a slam dunk…more good paying jobs, while curtailing foreign oil imports. An absolutely outrageous ,obviously politically driven BAD decision.

Justin Trudeau once offered to mediate the western pipeline saga. Maybe he should stay home and we’ll happily ‘watch him’ as he mediates the pipeline issue to a common sense conclusion…instead of him travelling the globe to gather more selfies…Our government has a stable of scientists now complemented with the addition of the new Chief Science Officer that could competently direct the preparation of an independent risk assessment to identify the least risky tanker routes on the BC coast…surely not through busy Vancouver Harbour or the island bound international Salish Sea…

To not build Energy East is folly, the least-risk tanker routed BC coastal outlet to Asia is a must, the Keystone XL,we or must still wait the final word from President Trump.…but let’s get on with the doable NOW ! I guess that there are at least two Canadian ‘pipeliners’ who would jump at the chance to build a smarter, much less risky pipeline/shipping infrastructure system !

Erik Heinrich hit the nail on the head when he suggested that there is not enough money allocated for dealing with effectively a major tanker spill…”THE ENVIRONMENT WILL PAY”…Imagine a diluted bitumen (dilbit) laden tanker hung up on  reef, spilling dilbit profusely, at night during a winter storm, while the spill handling crews scramble to the scene…with the still unproven “world class” cleanup contraptions on board !


Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)


(604) 986-4657

North Vancouver,BC


“The Squamish Nation says it was not given adequate information about the safety risks…associated with Kinder Morgan’s … expansion project.” Ask the newly appointed  government Chief Science Officer(CSO) to direct preparation of an independent risk assessment to locate the ’least risk’ tanker routes !  If the NEB had such an independent  report in hand  they could have  chosen more ‘communities’ permissible’ routes ! …

Best way to save our multibillion dollar annual ,job intensive visitor industry revenues, is to remove those added  tankers from the busy  BC waters !

When the Eastern 120 ridings  squawk a bit  the Liberal government hears …When those 29 western ridings(BC17,Alb 4,Sask/Man 8), ask for action…nothing happens ,yet !


“No Plan B for Liberals on pipelines

Energy East died Thursday after Ottawa expanded its regulatory review to include climate change impacts of the whole upstream and downstream oil industry”


Here’s a Plan B…since our Federal government saw fit to kill  Energy East…why not also shut down the goofier , much disliked, Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline(TMEP) as proposed. Call for an independent scientific risk assessment study of the BC coast and find the least risky tanker routes….where larger tankers would not sail ,at less risk, in BC environmentally sensitive waters…and give tankers direct access to the open  Pacific. Set up the invitation for export bids to ensure that only competent pipe-liners could apply…and may ‘the best proposal win’ ! This gives the pipe liners an opportunity to recoup some of the costs incurred with their earlier failed bids. Seems fair ? Expect Enbridge, Kinder Morgen and Trans Canada to come up with ,more community acceptable export proposals.




Come on…the issue is about the 700% increased diluted bitumen(dilbit) tankers sailings in our busy, environmentally sensitive waters…all unnecessarily ! The entire Kinder Morgan ,Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline (TMEP) project was a handy ,bean counter designed idea…Sorry guys the BC public has said no ,no, no .In fact we  helped to send two governments to the showers ..remember friend Harper…and  our deaf BC Liberal bunch. Need we try for three ?

Hopefully our court review will order a routing review. Our Canadian Senate recently counselled Government …. When they offered in their  Pipeline Study  the  need to   “…restore legitimacy to the pipeline approval process.” 

Yes, our government believes in the value of science BEFORE  deciding , a belief recently reinforced as they announced the appointment of their Chief Science Officer(CSO)…who could likely convince  our Prime Minister that HIS long standing PREFERENCE for the TMEP is a mistake…which the BC public want   corrected…before it’s too late . The CSO ,as her first challenge, and with an independent risk assessment , COULD  demonstrate where less risky tanker routes exist along our coast.

Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)


(604) 986-4657