Come on…the issue is about the 700% increased diluted bitumen(dilbit) tankers sailings in our busy, environmentally sensitive waters…all unnecessarily ! The entire Kinder Morgan ,Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline (TMEP) project was a handy ,bean counter designed idea…Sorry guys the BC public has said no ,no, no .In fact we  helped to send two governments to the showers ..remember friend Harper…and  our deaf BC Liberal bunch. Need we try for three ?

Hopefully our court review will order a routing review. Our Canadian Senate recently counselled Government …. When they offered in their  Pipeline Study  the  need to   “…restore legitimacy to the pipeline approval process.” 

Yes, our government believes in the value of science BEFORE  deciding , a belief recently reinforced as they announced the appointment of their Chief Science Officer(CSO)…who could likely convince  our Prime Minister that HIS long standing PREFERENCE for the TMEP is a mistake…which the BC public want   corrected…before it’s too late . The CSO ,as her first challenge, and with an independent risk assessment , COULD  demonstrate where less risky tanker routes exist along our coast.

Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)

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Could the Prime Minister  be  looking for a pipeline/tanker route plan to  which “communities could give permission” and  a plan that supports his government latest  claim  … “We need to be basing our decisions… on SCIENCE !

Fortunately this announced science interest  could give the PM the answer to this delayed ,vital ,diluted bitumen (dilbit) export plan…Could  the waiting BC/Washington State public interference  cause Kinder Morgan to ‘pack up’ and leave ….causing us we find another  pipe-liner to assist with export of Alberta dilbit.

As noted in an online report  ‘the NEB … would hold a series of public hearings …to determine the ROUTE for …TMEP….Could the NEB could force Kinder Morgan to change its route….!

Here’s an opportunity to produce an independent risk assessment that identifies the least risky tanker routes in BC waters…Let the new Chief Science Officer , along with the NEB’ Chief Environmental Officer guide our government through  to an independent scientific risk  decision and determine where to build our dilbit export infrastructure … with  NO POLITICS !


Did  the Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline (TMEP)project cause the BC Liberals to pay the ultimate political price  ? The Liberals chose NOT TO LISTEN and lost key southern BC ridings…Now Premier elect Horgan gives fuzzy signals about TMEP…or will he and Weaver ‘figure it out ‘,and pave the way for the next election ,by supporting this economically vital export plan. Harper’s gone(remember him).Must we wait until Oct 2019 for the next ‘victim ‘ …or will PM Trudeau alter  his maddening decision to approve the ill-conceived TMEP ?!

The issue of  concern always has been about that inevitable diluted bitumen (dilbit) spill as tanker traffic is increased 7 fold   …thus  greatly increasing probability of significant adverse impact on our multibillion dollar visitor ,environmentally related,job creating, ‘visitor’ industries !


An  opportunity still exists to earn those vital export revenues ….for all  Canadians …simply by locating the dilbit shipping terminal where departing tankers would have open  access to the Pacific.

Simple as that !





Have the governments not noticed…how an  angry BC public ,utilized  the ultimate hearing process ,the  ballot box…and  contributed to ‘taking down’ 2 governments….and now wait for Oct 2019…



Stephen  Harper Federal   government goes down !


The  Trudeau cohort ,Christy Clark, ‘liked’ the ill-conceived  Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline (TMEP)  …. Public  concern remains  about the inevitable diluted bitumen (dilbit) leak from the greatly increased number of tankers in our busy waters..  Trudeau Government  approved ,the goofy TMEP …with no independent ,science based risk assessment .

Christy Clark BC Provincial government  goes  down !


Revenue generating , pipelines are vital for Canada’s economy…A solution stares us in the face ,that reduces probability a tanker sourced dilbit leak from  a tanker . Build one smarter pipeline ,from Alberta to BC coast terminal, that offers tankers direct access to the open Pacific…



Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)

Blog: https://redfern3359.wordpress.com/

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There are smarter ways to export this without the proposed  7 fold increase of diluted bitumen (dilbit)tankers cruising our busy Vancouver B.C. harbour , and the island bound ,Canada/US shared ,Salish Sea  .

Canada too has a history of standing against disrespectful behavior of industry…our infamous War in the Woods episode , (Clayoquot sound near Tofino to oppose the clearcutting of an old growth forest) …………might be seen ,again, if TMEP proceed with this ill-conceived pipeline project.


Washington State has produced a comprehensive risk assessment study about shipping, in of our shared Salish Sea …and they are not happy…

Canada could export dilbit through one pipeline that loads tankers in an area far from busy ,environmentally, less risk-prone route…near Port Simpson BC…that offers tankers access to the open Pacific and  likely greatly lessens the probability of an diluted bitumen spill in Canadian/US busy ,island-bound waters…but, let independent risk assessment science be done ,first !

Our government , has chosen to ignore BC public outcry against the TMEP as proposed…

Maybe our Washington State neighbours could call our BC Premier Clark Prime Minster ..or ask President Trump to call neighbour  Prime Minister  Trudeau   and work out a more mutually acceptable deal…and forgo potential of another  Standing Rock Sioux situation or War in the Woods like incident.

Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)

Blog: https://redfern3359.wordpress.com/

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North Vancouver ,BC


Had the Enbridge Board listened to their new Enbridge President and C.E.O.,AL Monaco ,who hinted to the media, that the Enbridge Natural Gas Pipeline(NGP) , ‘possibly’ could be moved out of Douglas Channel,….. NGP might have been built by now !!

Enbridge and Kinder Morgan leaders likely relied on PM Harper’s ‘signal’ that he could whisk these vital pipeline projects through Parliament…?
Now a jinx appeared… a new Prime Minister,(who promised to use science …but soon forgot) … suddenly made a ‘knee jerk’ decision to ban oil tanker traffic from the BC north Coast… and then with similar’ knee jerk’ precision, APPROVED the ill-conceived Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline…!

Mr. Monaco’s recent comment to oil biggies , that it’s …‘about actually LISTENING…and RESPONDNING ‘… should give us some hope…
Our Senate has just released THEIR ‘critical’ pipelines report…where they made recommendations on how the government can restore legitimacy to the pipeline approval process !
Imagine this scenario ,where our much impugned Senate rejects government’s hastily decided, unscientifically proven, pipeline decisions… …and instructs Government to find the ‘least- risk’ marine ROUTE AND avoid needless tanker travel through busy, or island bound waters…
Build ONE PIPELINE SYSTEM, to an open water location near Port Simpson …and celebrate a science based decision…that would REMOVE the 7 fold increase of dilbit laden tankers in the busy, island bound waters…and gain those much needed export revenues !

Carl Shalansky,P Eng ,retired
North Vancouver,
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Canada’s national and Provincial leaders have called for a ‘world class’ diluted bitumen (dilbit) spill containment and recovery system…Until such a ‘contraption’ is shown to work satisfactorily in REAL OCEAN CONDITIONS we should avoid allowing these behemoth bitumen carriers in our busy, environmentally sensitive waters , potentially affecting our multi-billion dollar commercial/environmentally related ‘industries’ —certainly not in our shared island-bound SALISH SEA.
Why not combine Enbridge(Canada’s other wannabe pipeline proponent) and Kinder Morgan,Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline(TMEP) pipelines ,from Alberta, to a port location near Port Simpson, on the BC north coast…a location that minimizes the probability of spills …few islands…and little marine traffic. Such a decision should be supported by expert, INDEPENDENT, risk specialists –Prime Minister Justin Trudeau proclaimed that ‘science’ will help them to decide..! Instead our PM has, decided that he PREFERS the TMEP …without showing any supporting science’…
Typically, risk analysis studies should/would been prepared before any in major investment decisions, such as management of major maritime transportation infrastructure !
Two studies are discussed…
1. Our BC government did have a consultant study marine traffic on our coast.. see
1.1 Purpose……the BC government has a strong interest in understanding the risks associated…
with increased shipping… “..THEN we see the NOTE 1 ……”This is NOT a risk assessment…!!
…what the ??

2.FINAL REPORT: VTRA ( Vessel Traffic RISK Assessment) funded by U.S. EPA.
The VTRA study area includes BC marine traffic in shared Salish Sea waters..:

Why did our pipeline review Energy Board review not include this available risk study material..
Our leaders must demand that the ‘best science’ be applied when making these vital decisions…or are we left ,instead, with decisions made by the pipe-liner bean counters ?
Carl Shalansky , P. Eng.(retired)
North Vancouver, BC…6049864657


I just received my MP’s nine page ‘Letter to Constituents’… disappointing…

Much more interesting was the FP article…see


…tells us that our Senate Standing Committee on Transport and Communications ,after touring the country made seven recommendations  on “how the government can restore legitimacy to the pipeline approval process…” and  ’Evidence, not politics, should dictate how we proceed……’ … Brian Lee Crowley, Managing Director Mac Donald Laurier  Institute  recommends returning to a regulatory system ….in which a regulator  owns the final decision…and should be free from political decisions..

MacDonald said…”Pipeline construction is an  economic imperative…’


As  this Senate report was released…the New York based Natural Resources Defense Council warned about traffic in US waterways……namely Ottawa’s approval ..of the Trans Mountain ,Kinder Morgan expansion….” , etc. …

WE  know ,our Washington State neighbours are concerned about the increasing marine traffic… see link https://www.seas.gwu.edu/~dorpjr/VTRA/PSP/FINAL%20REPORT/PSP%20FINAL%20REPORT%20-%20DRAFT%20012214%20-%20HQ.pdf    page 157,where they conclude

there is no guarantee that risk increases due to traffic increases can be fully mitigated ‘we (may) still need a  place  of “sober second thought.”




Thanks to …. Sir John A. Macdonald, for reminding us that




Thanks  Mike …There is a  Plan ‘B’ that makes even more sense and is less likely to agitate the willing to act, vote savvy environmentalists.. ……Yes, a publically acceptable plan that would bring Alberta oil to the west coast… …Find a ‘pipe-liner’ that will build a smarter , common sense ,combined  pipeline, system from Alberta to somewhere near  Port Simpson which  offers  OPEN OCEAN access to world markets ….This Plan B offers  no increased dilbit tankers(or that inevitable tanker spill if we stick with the riskier proposed marine routes) in  our busy, multibillion dollar revenue generating  ,environmentally related businesses……in Douglas Channel—or the  nearby Great Bear Rain Forest, Burrard Inlet, the tricky passes through the  Salish Sea gulf island and Vancouver Island and southern BC waters/beaches……

This ‘less risky’ option is still available…but our leaders must LEAD, tout suite !



The  BC ‘issues’ are ..…marine spills of dilbit….. Burnaby storage ’tank farm’  location…. the 63 year old pipeline.

The ‘oil sands’ industry yielded $ billions for the Canadian economy (jobs, taxes). Sadly, that industry has not been able to demonstrate effective  , cleanup and recovery procedure of  that inevitable ,real life situation, dilbit spill .. The industry’s  goal must be to ‘more safely’  manage  dilbit infrastructure(pipelines,etc.) and  dilbit tanker routing …

The fact is…that pipelines and tankers are still the best choice for transport of petroleum products .

The Prime Minister’s  promises to listen and use  science …offers a common sense plan.

The PM ,as the ultimate ‘decider’, could instruct the NEB ,In the public interest, to contract  ,NOW, for an expert, independent RISK assessment that identifies  a  pipeline location, showing   the least probability of a dilbit  ‘land’ or a ‘marine’ spill . Without an independent, expert risk assessment ,in hand, the NEB is in no position to offer a scientifically based recommendation to government .

I believe that such a  study would confirm that a ‘single’ pipeline ,terminating at an  open ocean terminal…somewhere near Prince Rupert…would provide us with  a practicable solution to our pipelines dilemma.. ……