UBC professor Kathryn Harrison was interviewed (see link above)and offers some  incisive comment about our  leader…During the interview  (18 minutes) the professor comments that  Justin Trudeau ‘promised all things to all people’ …and recalls his comment that “the environment and the economy  go together”  .Not easy so long as Alberta wants to produce and sell more bitumen while at the same time the PM   fully commits  Canada to the COP21 mandate !

Now other wrenches are thrown into the works….Bombardier, GM Oshawa closure, Ontario (Conservative)Premier Ford…all in the Liberal heartland…and the yet to be changed government in Alberta??

The question CBC asked was not answered. We know that there is no way for the TMX should  be built as proposed. Mike Priaro ,P Eng. ,Alberta ,has the potential answer with his pipeline diversion plan at Sumas ,BC.


The  Energy East might be revived  as Eastern Canadians look for jobs and Liberals search for votes !!

Might as well reopen the Pacific Northern Gateway Pipeline (PNG) with the shipping terminal located at Port Simpson(instead of Kitimat)…Time for compromise and appropriate scientific analysis.

Airplanes  still fall from the skies, yet we still fly…We must accept the  occasional tanker and /or pipeline will fail …leaving us with the only choice…we must make our best effort to minimize these more serious events… … by applying the best available risk assessment science ,before deciding .

Our leader failed to meaningful consult with First Nations   and  look for community permission  , BEFORE  deciding about TMX !!


Thanks to our Federal Court of Appeal for ordering Government to correct for these glaring omissions.