The new Ottawa  gang will need to get Alberta bitumen delivered to world markets-soon-to help Canada’s weakening economy…The pipeliners have relied on our  oil- friendly  leaders to help them gain parliament’s approval for their ill-conceived,publically unacceptable oil transport schemes !


‘It’s time for our ‘concerned’  leaders to appoint  a group of   high level, skilful negotiators, from the various industry and government  ‘factions’, to negotiate and earn the trust of  ALL the potentially affected parties…to develop an ‘imperfect’  proposal that the public could accept.


Why do we require 2 pipelines systems to transport bitumen to world markets..Energy East handles more oil and moves the oil 4 times the distance..Surely one ‘smarter pipeline’ could carry both proposed volumes …SO why not combine Enbridge and Kinder Morgan pipelines, from Alberta to a more open  port location  north of Prince Rupert… which should cost much less to build and operate..??

Imagine the joy ..when the BC public   finds that this combined  pipelines system proposal removes all additional  bitumen laden tankers from  Douglas Channel,Burrard Inlet and the Salish Sea !!