No Secrets, Please !

The National Energy Board (NEB) has recently  ordered that Kinder Morgan (KM) reveal their secret emergency plans   —with some conditions.

The (BC)  Emergency Preparedness for Industry and Commerce Council  (

EPICC) ,.., established to … help businesses prepare for emergencies and disasters.  ….. Membership is open to businesses, …. of all sizes.

Is Kinder Morgan(KM) a member …?


Much  BC public infrastructure is  being upgraded(costing BILLIONS) ,to  cope with  expected ‘greater magnitude’ earthquakes ?

Burnaby residents ,located in  a residential neighbourhood ,located just ‘downhill’ from KM storage tank farm , should be assured that ALL KM (existing and new)facilities are are designed/upgraded to current EARTHQUAKE  standards..which would preclude major oil spills !



Some might be interested to know that the 1995 Japan,Kobe earthquake  resulted in direct property losses of  $US 147 billion  and 4000 plus deaths—while their LNG plant and storage tanks remained intact..This is exactly what a Burnaby (or other resident) citizen should expect from the KM’s  new and upgraded pipeline and oil storage tank facilities !!

So please KM, SHOW US your earthquake preparedness plan –no secrets,please.