Was the Kelly appointment to the NEB a fortuitous but welcome distraction  …will today’s headlines  convince the  public to  redirect  it’s concern to the NATIONAL  economy  ..and hopefully they will forget about  pipelines !
Will we see  our natural resource exports  decline further ? Oh, but not to worry as  Mr. Harper tells us the economy is fine  !?
Government has the power to approve vital  projects in the NATIONAL INTEREST….Are we facing a pending  ‘economic’ crises. If  so, it becomes a ‘no brainer’ for ANY LEADER ,to find a way to get the bitumen to market. .anywhere.. but NOT, any way !!
BC will need to wait…and  convince that new BUNCH, in Ottawa, to approve ONLY a smarter pipelines plan that eliminates the need for bitumen laden tankers to sail through
environmentally sensitive waters and the associated  multi-billion dollar  revenue generating businesses.