The ‘tar baby’ gets stickier !

An order-of-magnitude increase in bitumen tanker traffic ,increases the probability of bitumen spills ..!
A near perfect alternative bitumen export terminal location exists ,in Port Simpson , just north of Prince Rupert, which provides relatively OPEN OCEAN ACCESS to world markets—thus minimizing the threat of bitumen spills in ISLAND BOUND Douglas Channel and adjacent areas; in southern BC’, BUSY,TRICKY WATERS …where a bitumen spill ,would significantly affect local communities and the multi-billon dollar BC tourist industry ! A joint ,Enbridge-Kinder Morgan,pipeline system from Alberta to Port Simpson is suggested..

Enbridge and Kinder Morgan, , choose to hide behind the skirts the NEB while hoping that Cabinet ‘will wave them through’ in the ‘National Interest’ !
We know that infrastructure must be built to satisfy Canada’s revenue requirements…and BC‘s harbours ,shipping terminals and rail yards identify our significant contribution to this vital National import/export business..
The next time the megacorps decide to increase their share value –please ,FIRST, inquire about BC’ public concerns ! Fortunately we have the pending ,ULTIMATE NEB ‘hearing’,the National Election Ballot, and will await their ‘proper’ decision !