While MPs might  look forward  to that ,‘to die for’ pension,  the electorate expect our elected MPs to represent  THEIR  BC CONSTITUENTS…and  EARN that pension..…let’s hear debate… Instead members appear to be   blindly following along with the PM’s unsupported  decisions ….. about transporting of Alberta’s dilbit to market !


The key BC concern, always has been about dilbit spills…into our busy waters ,potentially impacting  BC’ multibillion dollar environmentally related industry. Also, there’s  concern about the  KM  60+ year old  pipeline that  weaves its  way through neighbourhoods ?


The Enbridge ,Northern Gateway plan to send dilbit laden tankers through the island-bound Douglas Channel…and the cherished Great Bear Rain forest area….. was  DUMB… Unhappily the new government is as inept as the Harper bunch when it comes to gaining  BC community support !

Let independent  scientists demonstrate to our  public that there is a  scientifically determined ,SAFER, SMARTER pipeline route that  gives oil tankers  less risky access to the Pacific…then let the PM order the NEB to call for ONE new smarter  pipeline proposal to deliver Alberta dilbit to market …more safely !


Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)


(604) 986-4657