Liberal (BC) incumbent Jane Thornthwaite  … tells North Shore News (April 27,2017)…. feels satisfied the risk of Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline (TMEP)… is ‘low’….and  benefits … ‘worthwhile’ …Ask southern BC community leaders !   Christy Clark’ government  was given a billion dollars ,the BC ‘fair shair ‘ , by Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline … to deal when environmental issues ,etc…possibly ,to handle dilbit spill with the yet unproven dilbit containment and recovery contraption !. …!!



The proposed  7 fold increase of dilbit laden tankers in our busy  waters ,borders on the insane…! Let   Prime Minister  use the promised independent science …and assign tankers to scientifically proven , lower risk waters…!

Yes, build one smart pipeline from Alberta to a tanker loading terminal where  larger  tankers can enter the open Pacific through lower risk waters..…likely near Port Simpson ?

The southern BC waters are already burdened with many tankers…serving BC and Washington State customers…The suggestion that these newly proposed dilbit laden tankers should be assigned to sail in these already busy  waters…let our northern BC cousins share some of the ‘tanker pain’…seems fair !


Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)


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Our National Energy Board did not satisfactorily address  to the public concern about the associated increased risk potential for a 7 fold increase of dilbit laden tankers in our busy, waters .Our PM told us  “We need to be basing our decisions and policies on facts, on evidence and on SCIENCE !…but no independent scientific risk assessment  study exists !! Meanwhile our ‘uninformed’ ,Government approved the TMEP !!

The  BC government  did have  a study prepared for them…“WEST COAST SPILL RESPONSE STUDY,(by Nuka Research), VOLUME 2:     “Purpose……the BC government has a strong interest in understanding the risks associated…with increased shipping… ”  ..with FOOT   NOTE 1.   “This is NOT a ‘risk assessment’??”… “ this report COULD BE USED TO SUPPORT FUTURE COMPREHENSIVE RISK ASSESSMENTS”….OK let’s do that ….the future is now !

An ‘independent’ ,comprehensive  U.S. risk study exists……consider  collaboration with Canadian governments…with this same (US) George Washington University study group and ,together ,

produce a risk assessment for  our shared Salish Sea waters…should be able to offer another  scientific  opinion …and then decide if a safer route should be sought…king together makes sense…since we would be collaborating shouils a a spill incident happen in our shared Sea,



about the ‘soundness’ of the TMEP planned marine routing for dilbit laden tankers ….!

Our government has a stable of scientists which our PM has recognized…and has now decided to ‘strengthen’ with a new Chief Science Advisor…Assign these scientists to produce a risk assessment for the BC coast…and identify the least risk tanker marine routes…before it’s too late !